High Temperature Belt Dryer

These high-temperature belt dryers are mainly used for batching, continuous operation of sheet, strip and granular materials. They are widely used in deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, pretreatment of Chinese herbal medicines, drying of animal feeds, and also It is applied to chemical catalysts, resins and other heat curing.
The material to be dried is evenly distributed from the feed end to the conveyor belt through the feeding device. Conveyor belts are usually made of perforated stainless steel sheets. It is driven by the motor through the gearbox and can be adjusted. The dry casing is usually divided into several units to independently control operating parameters and optimize operation. There is an isolation section between the drying sections where no drying medium circulates.
Our high temperature belt dryers are used for the drying of activated carbon materials. And it can adjust the air volume, heating temperature, material residence time and feed rate to achieve good drying results. It can be widely used in food, chemical, dye, wood and other industries.
The high-temperature belt dryer can effectively improve the processing rate of finished products, improve the quality of finished products, increase the production efficiency of finished products, help improve the economics of finished products, and enhance the competitiveness of finished products. The drying process has a low temperature and a high rate, and the organic green agricultural product can maintain its color, fragrance and taste to a high quality product.
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