Low Temperature Belt Dryer

The low temperature belt dryer is a vacuum drying equipment with continuous feeding and continuous discharging. The raw material to be dried is conveyed to the dryer through a feed pump, and uniformly distributed on the conveyor belt through the distributor, and the boiling point temperature of the material is lowered by a high vacuum. It allows the liquid raw material moisture to be directly sublimated into a vapor. The conveyor belt runs at a constant speed on the heating plate.

The heat source in the heating plate can be steamed, hot water or electrically heated, and the conveyor belt is operated to evaporate and dry from the front end to the cooling output at the rear end. The temperature range is adjustable from high to low according to the material characteristics, and the discharge end is equipped with a specific vacuum pulverizing device to achieve finished products of different particle sizes, and the dried powder can be automatically packaged or subsequently processed.

It converts the traditional static drying into vacuum dynamic drying, achieves the goal of different materials to adjust different drying temperatures, and solves the problem that drying by spraying can not be achieved. The color, solubility, and physical properties of the dried product are incomparable to other equipment.

Since the continuous drying at a low temperature is achieved under vacuum, the drying requirements of the heat sensitive material and the active ingredient material can be satisfied. It significantly increases the output of dry products while effectively reducing energy consumption.

This low-temperature belt dryer solves the high viscosity, high fat, high sugar, high heat sensitivity and other materials that are difficult to handle in other drying methods. The online controllability of all process parameters of the equipment ensures the stability and consistency of product quality.

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