Flash Dryer

The flash dryer uses a high-speed flowing hot air stream to suspend the wet starch therein. It has the characteristics of high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area and short drying time. Airflow drying, also known as "instant drying", is the application of dilute phase transport in solid fluidization for drying. The method is to directly contact the heating medium and the solid particles to be dried, and suspend the solid particles to be dried in the fluid, so that the contact area of the two phases is large, the heat and mass transfer process is strengthened, and the drying unit is widely used for the operation of the bulk material.
It is currently the most widely used one and is suitable for applications where the wet material is well dispersed and only the surface moisture is removed, such as dry synthetic resins, certain pharmaceuticals, organic chemical products, coal, starch and flour. If the wet material has a high water content and is easily agglomerated during feeding, a part of the dried product can be used as a return material, and mixed with the wet material in the mixing feeder to facilitate the drying operation.
The device can also be used for the drying of other heat sensitive powder or flake materials that require rapid drying. In this flash dryer, the hot gas stream is operated at a high speed to suspend the powdery material and to be dried. Due to the high gas flow rate, the material particles are suspended in the gas stream, the heat transfer surface area between the gas and solid is extremely high, the heat transfer coefficient is high, and the drying time is short (the drying process of most materials takes only a few seconds). So it is especially suitable for heat sensitive materials.
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