Spin Flash Dryer

The spin flash dryer is a combination of fluidized bed drying and airflow drying. The material to be dried is sent from the hopper to the auger through the agitator and then into the drying chamber. A stirrer is placed in the lower portion of the drying chamber to break up the fluid to be dried and fluidize. The preheated air enters the drying chamber through the gas separator. The hot air rotates upward and flows, and the material is fluidized and dried under the action of the lower agitator to become a granular or powdery product. Through the screening of the classifier, the material with good granularity and humidity is discharged from the drying chamber to the gas-solid separator , which can be collected into products.
The spin flash dryer is mainly composed of a lower agitator, a gas distributor and a classifier, and an auxiliary device such as a screw feeder.
Compared with the fluidized bed and rotary drum dryer, the spin flash dryer has a large heat transfer surface area, and the solid particles are suspended in the airflow. The volumetric heat transfer coefficient is 20 to 30 times that of the rotary drum. Compared with ordinary airflow dryers and pulsed airflow dryers, the airflow rises and rises in the dryer, so the height and volume are relatively small, and the volume increases the heat transfer coefficient by more than one time. Therefore, the device has high thermal efficiency, short drying time and large disposal capacity.
Applicable materials:
1. The particle size of the material is generally 0.5mm-0.7mm, not more than 1mm.
2. Non-sticky, viscous, and even viscous paste materials.
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