Fluid Bed

A fluid bed is capable of suspending a large amount of solid particles in a moving fluid such that the particles have certain apparent characteristics of the fluid. This fluid-solid contact state is referred to as solid fluidization, ie, fluid bed. It has two types of fluidized states: a bulk fluidized state and a poly fluidized state.
A fully fluid bed exhibits a liquid-like nature. Fluids having a density less than the average density of the bed can be suspended on the bed. The bed surface is kept steady. The bed obeys the hydrostatic relationship, that is, the pressure difference Δp=ρgL of the two sections with a height difference of L. The particles have a fluidity similar to that of a liquid and can be ejected from small holes in the wall. Two interconnected fluidized beds can adjust the upper surface of the bed to the same level.
The above properties enable the processing of the particulate material in the fluidized bed to continuously feed and discharge like a fluid. And since the particles are well mixed, the uniform temperature and concentration of the bed make the bed have unique advantages and can be widely applied.
You can get dry materials by fluidized bed drying technology. You can add the material to be dried to the fluid bed by means of a feeder (note: bed material has been added to the fluidized bed), and preheated air or various boiler exhaust gases are passed from below the equipment container to make the fluidized bed The material particles are blown up and boiled and suspended. At the same time, the dried material is collected at the outlet of the fluidized bed. This equipment is suitable for drying and cooling of powdery and granular materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dehydrated vegetables, grain, minerals and other industries.
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