Fluid Bed Dryer

The fluid bed dryer enters the machine from the inlet of the material. Under the action of the vibration force, the material is thrown along the horizontal fluidized bed and moves forward continuously. The hot air passes through the fluidized bed and exchanges heat with the wet material. After the air is removed by the cyclone separator, it is discharged by the exhaust air 1:3. The dry material is discharged from the discharge inlet.
There are many types of fluidized bed dryers, which can be roughly divided into the following types: single-layer fluidized bed dryer, multi-layer fluidized bed dry machine, horizontal multi-chamber fluidized bed dryer, pulse fluidized bed dryer, Rotary quick dryer, vibrating fluidized bed dryer, centrifugal fluid bed dryer and internal heat fluid bed dryer.
This dryer is mainly used for mixing and drying powders and granules. Closed negative pressure operation, avoiding cross-contamination with the outside world, improving the working environment and improving production efficiency. They are the drying equipment widely used in the world. It is suitable for drying various kinds of mechanism particles, drying of wet granules and powdery materials in various fields of medicine, food, feed and chemical industry, and drying of large particles, small blocks and sticky block materials.
Application range:
It is suitable for the drying of loose granular materials, such as raw materials in pharmaceutical medicines, tablet pellets, traditional Chinese medicines; drying and dehumidification of plastic resins, citric acid and other powdery and granular materials in intermediates and chemical raw materials; drying of food and beverage, granules, grain processing, corn germ, feed, etc., as well as mineral powder, metal powder and other materials.
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