Vibration Fluid Bed

The vibration fluid ded dryer, referred to as the vibrating fluidized bed, is a new type of fluidized and efficient drying equipment suitable for the drying of granular and powdery materials. It has the advantages of easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection.
The wet material entering the vibrating fluidized bed is in contact with the hot air above the air distribution plate, and the material particles are suspended in the air flow to form a fluidized state. The material particles in the fluidized state are uniformly and thoroughly mixed with the hot air, and the heat transfer and mass transfer are performed very strongly, and the moisture is removed to achieve drying. The qualified product is discharged from the discharge port of the vibration fluid ded, and the dust-containing gas is purified by the dust removing device and discharged into the atmosphere by the induced draft fan.
Since the material is fluidized by mechanical vibration during the drying process, it not only facilitates boundary layer turbulence, enhances heat transfer mass transfer, but also ensures that the dryer operates under relatively stable flow mechanics conditions. In addition to its very good drying function, this equipment can also be equipped with materials such as granulation, cooling, sieving and conveying according to the vibration fluidized bed dryer process.
vibration fluid ded Scope of application: It is suitable for the drying, cooling and humidification of crystals and powder mixtures of various granular materials.
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