Drum Oven

The drum oven has a high-precision temperature controller that provides precise, stable, constant temperature conditions for testing or drying. The liquid-expanded over-temperature protection device ensures the safety of the test items. It has adjustable air inlet and exhaust port. It can be adjusted according to different test conditions or switch timing device. It is LED digital type, and is equipped with HOLD, switch timing, constant timing, and scheduled start timing selection switch. It is equipped with an alarm device that is notified when the constant temperature time arrives, that is, the alarm is 10 seconds.
Scope of application:
Drum ovens are suitable for the heat-resistance and dry-resistance of the defense industry, aerospace industry automation components, automotive components, electronics, electrical components, plastics, chemical industry, food industry, textile, hardware, pharmaceutical industry and related products.
Most of the hot air circulates in the tank, which is highly efficient and saves energy.
With forced ventilation, the box is equipped with an adjustable air distribution plate, and the material is evenly dried.
The heat source can be selected from steam, hot water, electricity, and far infrared. The whole machine has low noise and balanced operation. It has features of temperature control, easy installation and maintenance.
It has wide range of applications, and can dry a variety of materials, which is a general drying equipment.
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