Paddle Dryer

A paddle dryer is a complete drying system for obtaining dry powder from wet cakes or solutions. The drying operation is usually a batch process and is usually carried out under vacuum, heating the product by direct contact with the heating vessel and the surface of the agitator. Heating of the dryer can be accomplished by using steam or a suitable heat transfer fluid.
Paddle dryer application:
In addition to standard batch drying applications, paddle dryers can also be used for low temperature drying, reaction, crystallization, extraction with useful liquids, and solvent recovery.
Paddle dryer features:
It is designed to withstand the stresses of vacuum and temperature cycling in various heating components. Standard designs for paddle dryer systems include dust filters, condensers, receivers and vacuum pumps. Other features include a hollow rotating agitator shaft that provides heat to the product for maximum heat transfer and discharges the product when needed.
The machine is suitable for processing all kinds of materials with good thermal stability such as paste, granular powder, etc. Under special conditions, the heat sensitive material can be dried and the solvent can be recovered in the drying process. The heating medium may be steam, hot water, hot oil or the like. Typical dry materials are: carbon black, calcium carbonate, gypsum, clay, nylon and polyester chips, polyhexene, polypropylene, and the like.
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