Batch Paddle Dryer

The paddle dryer has been successfully used in food, chemical, petrochemical, dye, industrial sludge and other fields. The heat transfer, cooling, and agitation characteristics of the equipment enable it to perform the following unit operations: calcination (low temperature), cooling, drying (solvent recovery), heating (thawing), reaction, and sterilization. The blade is also a heat transfer surface, which increases the heat transfer area per unit effective volume and shortens the processing time. The wedge-shaped blade heat transfer surface has a self-cleaning function. Compression - expansion mixing function makes the material mix evenly. The material moves in a "plug flow" along the axial direction, and the temperature, humidity, and mixing gradient of the material are small in the axial interval.
The heat transfer oil is used as the heat medium, and the paddle dryer can complete the low temperature calcination work.
1. The material retention time is adjustable. It can process high water content materials, which can also obtain very low water content materials;
2. It uses typical conduction drying method, energy saving, large transmission coefficient, high thermal efficiency;
3. Since all the required heat is supplied by hollow vanes and jackets, in order to reduce the humidity of the exhaust gas, a small amount of hot air is added, the dust entrainment is low, the exhaust gas is easy to handle, and auxiliary equipment such as dust removal is not required.
4. The blade has self-cleaning ability. The blade rotates towards each other, and the two inclined surfaces of the blade repeatedly stir, compress, relax and push the material, so that the page has unique byte capacity. The heating surface is constantly updated, and the heat transfer coefficient of the blade dryer is higher than any other way of conduction drying.
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