Continuous Paddle Dryer

Since the heat required for the drying of the continuous dryer is indirectly heated by heat conduction, the drying process does not require or require a small amount of gas to carry away the moisture. It greatly reduces the heat loss caused by the airflow and improves the heat utilization rate. It is an energy-saving drying equipment. Continuous blade dryer is widely used in the petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, food, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries in the powder, granular, filter cake, slurry materials drying.
The core of the equipment is two hollow shafts and hollow mixing blades welded to the shaft. The blade shape is a wedge-shaped hollow semicircle which can be passed through a heating medium. In addition to stirring, it is also the heat transfer body of the equipment. The two main heat transfer sides of the blade are beveled, so when the material comes into contact with the inclined surface, as the blade rotates, the particles quickly slide away from the inclined surface, and the heat transfer surface is continuously updated, and heat transfer is enhanced. A scraper is provided at the bottom of the triangle of the blade to scrape the material deposited on the bottom of the shell to prevent a dead angle.
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