Rotary Dryer

During the operation of the rotary dryer, the hot air enters the agitating and pulverizing drying chamber from the bottom of the dryer at an appropriate spouting speed by the inlet pipe, and the material is strongly sheared, collided, rubbed and atomized, and the mass heat transfer is enhanced.
At the bottom of the dryer, the larger and drier pellets are mechanically broken by the action of the agitator. The particles with lower moisture content and smaller particle size are entrained by the swirling gas stream and further dried during the ascending process. Since the gas-solid two phases are rotating, the solid phase inertia is larger than the gas phase, and the relative velocity between the solid and gas phases is large, and the mass transfer heat transfer between the two phases is strengthened, so the machine has high production intensity.
The inner cone structure is arranged at the bottom of the drying chamber, so that the gas cross-sectional area of the dryer is continuously increased from bottom to top. The bottom gas velocity is relatively large, and the upper gas velocity is relatively small, thereby ensuring that the lower large particles are in a fluidized state. At the same time, the small particles in the upper part are also in a fluidized state.
The inner cone structure also shortens the length of the cantilever portion of the agitator shaft, thereby increasing the reliability of operation. In addition, this structure can effectively prevent the bearing from operating in a high temperature area, thereby prolonging the service life of the bearing.
This rotary dryer is particularly advantageous for drying heat sensitive materials. At present, our rotary dryer has designed a variety of models according to different materials, and has formed a series of products, which are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral and other industries.
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