The rotary vane dryer is a downstream dryer. The material is put into the rotary drum through the feeding device, and the lifting plate installed in the cylinder drops the material to the top, and the material is broken by the high-speed rotating blade in the cylinder when it falls, so that it reciprocates and moves to the outlet. At the same time, the hot air generated by the combustion furnace enters the cylinder and is in full contact with the material, so that the material is quickly dried and then discharged through the conveyor at the discharge end.

Since the dryer has built-in broken blades, the material entering the dryer can be immediately dissipated. In particular, a material with a certain viscosity is broken into small pieces by large agglomerates, and is in contact with hot air to bring out a part of the water, so that it is in full contact with the hot air, and the drying speed is accelerated. The dryer is characterized by a large heat transfer coefficient, high thermal efficiency, small oxidative degradation of the product, and large processing capacity. It is suitable for drying all kinds of granular, small block and sheet high humidity materials.

The motor drives the reducer to drive the spindle to rotate. The blades on the main shaft pass the crushed material in the dryer quickly and throw the material into full contact with the hot air entering the air inlet. In order to alleviate the travel speed of hot air, we specially set a windshield in the drying chamber with regular small holes to relieve the speed of hot air, allowing the logistics to fully contact with hot air and drying quickly. Since the dried material has a certain inclination, the material can be sent out from the discharge port through the discharge screw from the discharge port.

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