Tube Bank Dryer

The tube bundle dryer is a drying device that uses the principle of heat conduction and heat radiation to pass heat through the wall of the heat exchange tube to the dried material outside the tube wall to dry the material. Tube bundle dryers are widely used in chemical, light industry, food, grain, oil and feed industries. It can be used in physical drying such as distiller's grains, pig hair, bone meal, inorganic minerals, corn fiber, germ, protein powder, bran, corn granules, soybean granules, fish and shrimp waste, and rapeseed (for non-seed).
The tube bundle dryer operates in a countercurrent mode, and can also adopt a downstream heating method according to requirements. It has low heat consumption, and it is suitable for a wide range of dry materials, mainly for loose material drying, large processing capacity, large amount of water evaporation and drying of high moisture materials. The device can adjust the drying time according to different material properties and moisture requirements. And it has (high degree of automation for continuous production, or gap operation (suitable for special production process). The clean working environment with no pollution, low noise makes it environmental protection.
Its energy consumption is about 65% of the energy consumption of traditional tube-dryer, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and it is an energy-saving product.
It has sufficient heat transfer, low heat consumption, high efficiency and energy saving. It has wide range of dry materials, large processing capacity, large water evaporation, and can dry high moisture materials.
Driven by variable frequency motor, the power consumption is more than 30% less than the traditional tube bundle.
The machine has few additional supporting equipments, small floor space and compact process layout, which can be placed in a single-storey factory building, and greatly saves civil construction costs.
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