Vacuum Dryer

Vacuum drying is to dry the dried material under vacuum. It uses a vacuum pump to pump and dehumidify, so that the working chamber is under vacuum, the drying rate of the material is greatly accelerated, and energy is saved. Vacuum drying equipment is divided into static dryers and dynamic dryers.
The vacuum dryer is a device that performs drying under a negative pressure. The boiling point of the material solvent is reduced when it is empty, so it is suitable for drying unstable or heat sensitive materials. The vacuum dryer has good sealing properties, so it is suitable for drying materials that require recovery of solvents and toxic gases. Vacuum drying equipment has been widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical food, dye and other industries, and air meets the "GMP" requirements of drug management regulations.
The vacuum dryer adopts a large-area interlayer heating method, which has a large heat transfer surface and high thermal efficiency. The utility model can form a continuous circulation state of the material in the cylinder, further improve the uniformity of the heat of the material, thereby smoothly drying the slurry, the paste and the paste material.
These dryers are suitable for vacuum drying and mixing of powder and granular materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
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