Rake Dryer

The rake dryer is based on the technology of the traditional vacuum squeezing dryer in China. It is designed and reinforced for various slurry, paste, granule, powder, fiber and other materials. The transmission part is stable. The durable cylindrical gear reducer adopts a thick solid shaft for the drive shaft, which fully guarantees the stable operation of the vacuum rake dryer under various harsh working conditions.

The rake dryer is especially suitable for drying heat sensitive materials, materials that are easily oxidized at high temperatures, materials that are easy to be plated when dry, and materials that must be recovered from steam discharged during drying. After the drying, the material is powdery, so it is suitable for the powdered material. After drying, it can be packaged directly without smashing. It is suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Applicable materials include slurry, paste, powder materials; heat sensitive materials requiring low temperature drying; easy to oxidize, explosive, strong irritant, highly toxic materials. A material that requires recovery of organic solvents.

The material to be dried is slurried, creamy, granulated, powdery or fibrous, and is widely used in the production process of solid alcohol (potassium).

This machine is a novel horizontal intermittent vacuum drying equipment. The wet material is evaporated by conduction, and the scraper stirrer continuously removes the material on the hot surface and forms a circulating flow in the container, and the water is evaporated and then pumped out by the vacuum pump.

Performance characteristics

◎This machine adopts large-area interlayer heating method with large heat transfer surface and high thermal efficiency.

◎This machine is equipped with agitation to make the material form a continuous circulation state in the cylinder, which further improves the uniformity of heat of the material.

◎The machine is set to stir, so that the slurry, paste and paste materials can be dried smoothly.

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