Vacuum Cone Dryer

With the continuous improvement of industrial production technology and consumer requirements, higher technical requirements have been put forward for drying equipment. In terms of food and pharmaceutical drying, the demand for vacuum drying equipment of larger specifications will gradually increase.
The vacuum cone dryer is a single-cone agitating type closed type vacuum dryer. The single-cone vacuum sealed tank heated by a jacket is continuously turned over by the stirring paddle to uniformly heat the material, and the water or solvent is evaporated to finally reach The purpose of drying. The device is designed with a single-cone tank and made of sanitary stainless steel. Its structure is simple and easy to operate. This conical vacuum dryer is thoroughly cleaned and is an ideal drying equipment for GMP-compliant finishing shops. It is widely used in the powder, filter cake, liquid concentration, drying, evaporation and solvent recovery operations in the pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, food and other industries.
The drying equipment is assembled and dried in the same container, which improves production efficiency.
Use jacket heating to reduce energy consumption.
It adopts vacuum drying form to ensure heat transfer and mass transfer, especially for heat sensitive materials, and it is convenient to dry the powder and granule materials for solvent recovery.
The structure is simple, easy to clean, convenient to discharge, and in line with GMP regulations.
Available in a variety of different mixing options for mass production.
Cooling, sterilization, reaction, etc. can also be performed.
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